A Chat with a Marketing Pro

May 17, 2022

In this episode of “The Runway Decade Podcast”, hosts Bill Bush and Pete Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group, talk with guest, Susan Theder - Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at FMG Suite. She talks about how she is helping financial advisors who are in their 50s and marketing their businesses and how she is helping the advisors build their brand.

Episode Highlights

  • 01:59 –Pete enquires, what Susan was thinking when she was going for a History degree at that time.
  • 03:08 – What was your sport as you were an athlete, enquires Bill.
  • 04:03 – Bill asks, what stood out and made Susan take the path.
  • 06:15 – One of her greatest successes started as one of her greatest failures, states Susan.
  • 08:08 – Everybody's going to be wrong at some point, just don't stay wrong.
  • 09:40 - What ways have you changed since your 30s and 40s?
  • 11:38 – Pete enquires, when we turn in our 50s, all of a sudden retirement starts to come into the picture, did you have any of those thoughts?
  • 14:40 – Susan states, all these things make you worried but also a reason to work with a financial advisor who can help us think and model out a different scenario.
  • 16:01 – Susan is currently on the boards of two companies and it is one of the biggest accomplishments in her life and she’d love to do more of that.
  • 19:48 – The guest discusses the challenges of learning new marketing techniques, and how they are going about resolving that.
  • 21:14 – Susan points out, we play a pretty meaningful role in helping advisors build that digital brand and market effectively.

Three Key Points

  1. Those are hard moments when we know we’ve made a mistake and we’re going to get, we have to just kind of think put a stake in the ground and say we made a mistake, those are going to be behind us and we’re going to look forward and try something else.
  2. Susan shares in what ways she has changed since her 30s or 40s. Now she is more confident than what other people think. She is more able to make choices based on happiness versus money. She just makes more decisions based on what she wants.
  3. The vast majority of financial advisors would rather have somebody do the marketing for them. They just want somebody to take it off their plate and do it effectively.

Tweetable Quotes

  • “I started in commercial lending and corporate finance and it was okay.” – Susan Theder
  • “My favorite part of everyday was thinking about how to market and it is a big part of any financial advisor’s business which is why I've now ended up where I am”. - Susan Theder
  • “Our executive team and I changed vendors to FMG and it ended up being one of the best solutions that I think Advisor Group is delivered to its advisors.” – Susan Theder
  • “Another question that I asked, would I do the same when I make the same decision today?” – Susan Theder
  • “I can't imagine how anybody could reach retirement and successfully get through it without a financial advisor.’ – Susan Theder
  • “Now financial advisors are going to have Google reviews.” – Susan Theder

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