Disruptions, Transitions, & a Financial Sweet Spot

October 24, 2023

On today's episode of the "The Runway Decade Podcast," hosts Bill Bush and Pete Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group are typically co-located for the podcast, this episode finds them connecting remotely via Zoom. The reason for their remote setup is not due to the common reasons of the past few years, hinting at the global pandemic, but rather a disruption in their usual operations. The hosts discuss the real reason behind their remote work situation. Their regular recording location has been infested with termites, causing significant damage that was worse than initially anticipated.

Episode Highlights
  • 01:55: The hosts share that they had already planned to move to a new building on November 3rd. The termite situation offered a somewhat timely opportunity to prepare the old building for sale while getting ready to transition to their new location.
  • 02:09: The conversation shifts to the broader theme of disruptions in life, particularly when things seem to be running smoothly or "on the runway." Disruptions can manifest in various ways, from economic changes and job layoffs to health issues and family matters.
  • 02:53: The hosts hint at their book, "The Runway Decade," which discusses potential obstacles and challenges young adults might face in their 20s. The book provides insights into planning and dealing with life's unpredictability.
  • 03:16: The hosts emphasize that while disruptions are inevitable, having a plan can provide a foundational guide to navigate through such challenges. Even when things don't go according to plan, having a strategy to fall back on can help individuals determine their next steps.
  • 03:45: Drawing on the adage that the only constant is change, the hosts reflect on their own experiences with disruptions, particularly the impact of the pandemic. They discuss how the world has adapted to new norms, such as remote working and using tools like Zoom.
  • 05:26: The conversation shifts to financial disruptions, such as divorce, death, job changes, or health challenges. Bill and Pete emphasize the need for teamwork, especially among professional advisors, during these challenging times. They discuss the importance of restoring confidence when faced with such significant life changes.
  • 07:15: As the team transitions to the new space, the host discusses the intricacies and numerous tasks involved, such as updating addresses on letterheads, websites, and other collateral.
  • 09:28: Emphasizing the seemingly minor yet significant time-saving, Bill and Pete shares how they once calculated the three to four-minute difference in driving time, multiplied by the number of trips they made, and factored in two cars. They amusingly note that such minute savings could translate to about two weeks saved annually.
  • 11:02: The conversation pivots to a thought-provoking article from the Wall Street Journal, which tackled the age at which individuals tend to make their most optimal financial decisions. As the host reveals, the age pinpointed by the article is around 53 or 54, fitting perfectly within the "runway decade" age range that the podcast focuses on.
  • 13:07: Pete discusses the optimal age for making the best financial decisions, referencing an article from the Wall Street Journal which suggests that age is around 53 or 54. This age range is termed as the "runway decade sweet spot."
  • 15:41: The conversation touches on a referenced Wall Street Journal article and the significance of asking the right financial questions.

Three Key Points
  1. Bill and Pete discuss how economic recessions can lead to job disruptions and layoffs, affecting many people's livelihoods. They also mention other possible disruptions like health issues and family problems.
  2. The discussion emphasizes the role of experience and wisdom in refining one's financial outlook. By the time one reaches the runway decade, many previously held misconceptions or unrealistic expectations about finances have been dispelled, either through personal experience or by observing the experiences of others.
  3. Bill and Pete discuss the motivation and purpose behind their book, emphasizing the importance of financial awareness and preparation, particularly as individuals approach their 50s.

Tweetable Quotes
  • “Disruptions are almost guaranteed in one's journey. The notable quote from their book is highlighted: "Plan on planning for your plan not to go as planned." This emphasizes the importance of flexibility and adaptability in the face of unforeseen challenges.” – Bill
  • “Many retirees choose to downsize their homes to reduce maintenance and possibly transition into retirement communities. In contrast, the host's business is experiencing growth, leading to an "upsizing" of their office space.” – Pete
  • Individuals in their early 50s become more proactive and serious about their financial futures.” - Bill
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