Looking Back and Finding My Why

February 2, 2023

In today's episode of the "The Runway Decade Podcast," hosts Bill Bush and Pete Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group talk to Gene Plauche. He predominantly works in the insurance side of the business, with one of the prominent insurance companies, Concourse. Gene connects with financial advisors to help them supply financial insurance solutions for their clients.

Episode Highlights
  • 03:02: Gene talks about his childhood and how he grew up amidst 6 siblings.
  • 05:51: Gene talks about his school and university days and later how he came to know about the financial service business.
  • 07:00: Gene shares how he was recruited out of college to get into the financial service and insurance business. He also speaks about the factors that motivated him to stay in this business.
  • 09:05: Post his father's death Gene got exposed to a new side of the finance industry and now he uses his knowledge and experience to help others.
  • 12:45: Gene talks about his wife and 2 kids. His son wants to be a radiologist and daughter a forensic psychologist.
  • 14:56: Gene talks about his 50th birthday and how he celebrated it with his family.
  • 17:08: Gene travels a lot as a family together trying to create some memories. Retirement to him does not mean completely stop working especially in the finance industry.
  • 19:00: As per Gene one must consciously think about between time, money and health. You need your health and everything need to be able to handle that. But you need time and money to do those things. And if you wait till you are 75, you may have time and you may have money, but you may not have your health. So, you got these little windows of time to balance these things.
  • 20:23: Concourse is considered a broker general agent out there. Gene says that they work in the risk management side of things with insurance products and things of that nature, fully licensed, but really kind of focus on the risk management side of things.
  • 23:49: Wealthy people do tend to look at long term care as a form of asset protection just in the sense that if one spouse needs the time to go in a facility or a lot of thing times people overlook the fact that it does cover in home care.
  • 24:08: Gene explains how since the pandemic, the long-term care, home health side of things have exploded.
Three Key Points
  1. Gene talks about his mindset post turning 50 years old. He talks about his happiness that he is healthy at the age of 53.
  2. The 50s is kind of like the first time that this concept of retirement sort of hits people in the face. It becomes a real thing. Gene shares what does that word retirement means to him.
  3. Gene talks about his company Concourse. He talks about the services offered by his firm.

Tweetable Quotes
  • "It's cool in your 50s that the conversation you are having with your kids changed so much, as they do in her adulthood and figure out their path and where they want to go." - Bill
  • "Retirement to me means I am going to say freedom more to go and not be tied to a nine to five job or an 8 to five job, but to give up, be able to go do some things that you want to do." - Gene
  • "We have guys that are affiliated with our group here that are that are 80 and still going strong, still making their ten goals for the year and planning and growing and prospecting and all those things." - Pete
  • "You got to have a plan for everything that we do and a lot of our products and services that we do just kind of fit in within that plan of what you want to achieve throughout your life because your life is a plan." - Gene
  • "With the pandemic they a lot of people have pulled their loved ones out of a facility and brought them back home and said, you know what, I can control my home environment, so I am going to have them stay here and just pay an assistant." - Gene
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