Paging Dr. Davis!

May 24, 2023

In today's episode of the "The Runway Decade Podcast," hosts Bill Bush and Pete Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group talk to Dr. Mike Davis; who is with CVT Surgical Center in Baton Rouge. He is a vascular surgeon. Dr. Davis talks about his craft, how he got into medicine, as well as his life in his 50s.

Episode Highlights
  • 02:44: Mike talks about his childhood and from where he completed his education. He shares how he completed his general surgery and vascular training.
  • 03:42: Mike reveals what happened that motivated him to gravitate towards the medical world.
  • 05:39: Mike shares how is it being growing up a Bama fan, but now living in Baton Rouge
  • 06:04: Back then if you got a magnifying glass down in one corner way down below somewhere, you would find the SEC scores, but absolutely nothing is written about it.
  • 08:31: Pete has heard a lot of stories because people in the age group of 50 have started to have grandkids and they have a some of them name it and that's what sticks.
  • 09:57: Dr. Mike is a classically trained vascular surgeon specializes in the treatment of peripheral vascular Disease…he’s Board certified.
  • 10:52: The patient population shifted a little bit is what we refer to as either critical anesthesia or limb salvage.
  • 11:03: There is a very large population of diabetics in town. That circulation drops to a point where it can become dangerous, and so Dr. Mike says that they have really embraced that and have treatments they are very proud of. What they do as far as saving rooms and preventing amputations, and it's been very successful.
  • 13:27: Some people can die from some certain unexplained and not get an autopsy, and it just be written off as a heart attack.
  • 14:54: Because of the complexity, medical management, wound care, imaging, all of this stuff is electrical to provide the kind of the whole care package for someone who may have or does have vascular disease.
  • 16:17: Mike says that they feel that they do so much imaging and there are so much decision making made on the basis of those images that it has to be good.
  • 17:41: Mike talks about his training and how they were trained with many different staff guys. There were times, particularly at night, when they would be in a situation to go do something as long as it was relatively minor, and the staff guy was comfortable that they could do it.
  • 20:56: Bill shares how at a certain age he wasn't really thinking about retirement, but what he was trying to envision what if something happened to him.
  • 22:22: As per Mike being on call is kind of getting a little old as he aged, but he really loves what he does, and he could foresee himself doing it for a long time as a God willing.

Three Key Points
  1. Mike shares how they manage a lot of things medically. How they have embraced technology. What used to require open surgery and incisions is now done with the needle and a catheter.
  2. Mike shares some of the things that somebody should be on the lookout for early detection.
  3. There are multiple risk factors that are out there that place you at risk for vascular disease essentially the same as what places you for coronary disease. It's the same disease but affects different vascular beds.

Tweetable Quotes
  • "I was about 8 years old when I decided I was going to be a doctor." - Mike
  • "In Minnesota, when we are there, if you wanted the sports scores from the SEC. You were kind of out of luck, but you could get the local paper or the Minneapolis paper." – Mike
  • "When we finally got to Baton Rouge, we were so excited to be back in to where we could watch SEC Sports." - Mike
  • "In our practice we have 5 board certified, specially trained vascular docs." – Mike
  • "I did five years of general surgery training, became a board-certified general surgeon before I could go on to my vascular training." - Mike

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