We're Our Own Guests-Pt. 1

April 18, 2023

In today's episode of the "The Runway Decade Podcast," hosts Bill Bush and Pete Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group, are going to talk to each other.  For this episode, Bill and Pete thought it would be great for them to tell more of their story.

Episode Highlights
  • 02:56: Pete was five years when then moved across the river, down across the Ohio River, down on the Indiana side, into a little farm town called Elizabeth IN.
  • 03:35: It was a 40 acre farm, Pete and his family were living on, and it was kind of nestled up on a hill.
  • 04:49 Pete says that they were five boys and a girl, so there was always a sporting event going on of some kind around their home.
  • 05:49: The town we lived in was Elizabeth, Indiana, although they were not living in town, and it was a four-way stop at the grade school up the hill.
  • 06:25: It was such a devastating blow to the economy when the Bush family moved to Louisiana because it was like 8% of the economy left, says Bill (haha!).
  • 07:25: Growing tobacco, growing a lot of corn growing crops in general takes a lot of discipline and time and work.
  • 08:46: Pete and Bill were into baseball and they loved playing the game.
  • 09:45: It wasn't very profitable to be a small-time farmer. You have crops that used to be able to turn a profit on when that was very expensive to plant, grow, harvest and then livestock same way right, meaning the market turned against some of the stuff that Dad was doing at the time to make ancillary money.
  • 11:52: Bill and Pete talk about their high school and how they shifted school.
  • 12:28: Bill and Pete talk about their childhood and growing up in the country side.
  • 14:28: Pete shares how he played baseball and what he learned from it.
  • 16:03: Bill talks about a time when they were stuck in a snowstorm and how they were airlifted.
  • 19:10: Bill and Pete talk about their college experience and how they met some wonderful people.
  • 20:39: Bill made a 13-year career as a broadcaster, working in Lafayette and Alexandria, LA and doing shows for Northwestern St .(LA) in Natchitoches..

Three Key Points
  1. Bill and Pete talk about their family history and where they come from.
  2. Bill shares his experience of moving homes and the weird thing that happened when they shifted to Baton Rouge
  3. Bill talks about an experience when he appeared on the news.

Tweetable Quotes
  • "If you have six kids and six years because you know you got to get some sleep and there may or may not be the ability to control the noise level when you're a kid, especially a bunch of us running around at one time." – Pete
  • "The population was a very rural community farming community, and the population was very small, but it wasn't more than 100 or 200 people." - Pete
  • "Good blue-collar guys just loved to play, and they actually love to play together, and a lot of that carried over even in college." - Pete

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